Children of Time

The Story So Far

The first half of Season One in a nutshell.

As a small group of companions travel with the Doctor, they encounter many hostile creatures such as Autons, Krillitane, and even Weeping Angels. Oddly enough, there is a strange warp in the space-time continuum wherever the TARDIS Crew goes. Eventually, the crew is separated from the Doctor and the TARDIS and must survive on their own wits alone. The trouble is, time seems to be breaking its own rules. The cause does not always come before the effect and creatures that shouldn’t exist…do. It’s up to John Jones, Tobias Moon, Trent, Bark, [[Grapes, and their new cohort Asa to find out just what is going on and what could have possibly happened to the Doctor. And what’s with that strange voice muttering “Silence shall fall!”?



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