Dalek Kookaka

Kookaka escaped the influence of the Daleks to become an individual. Now it is up to him to help save all that is good in the universe


Kookaka’s casing vaguely resembles that of Dalek’s. He is in fact a Dalek. He retains many of the same attributes as a Dalek in and out of his casing except for one important fact: Kookaka has developed a conscience. Because of this, Kookaka refuses to use blatant violence and has replaced his death ray with a welding torch.


It is unknown when Kookaka gained the ability to distinguish morality. It is only known that he can, and he’s not the only one. Kookaka is the leader of the Dalek Resistance, an organisation of Daleks who’ve had enough of the Daleks’ genocidal ways.

The organization is believed to have been started by Dalek Caan via subtle messaging throughout the Dalek fleet. Caan’s mind had been warped from a botched Emergency Temporal Shift that sent him crashing through the Time Lock surrounding the Time War. Caan was previously a member of the Cult of Skaro, a group of four Daleks who had been made to be cunning. The cunning mixed with direct contact with the Time Vortex caused Caan to see what the Daleks had done…and he hated it. He then passed his knowledge along the Dalek fleet with subliminal messages, causing a select few to develop consciousness.

Kookaka was originally intended to be a maintainance Dalek. Once he’d gained a consciousness, he gathered many other like-minded Daleks, stole a Dalek time-ship, and escaped through the Time Corridors. Kookaka is currently traveling time and space, trying to gain enough forces to help overthrow the Dalek Empire.

Dalek Kookaka

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