Vortex Manipulator

A tool used by Time Agents to travel through time and space


This gadget allows the user to travel through time and space. It is considered a 10 point gadget.


Vortex manipulators are an invention of the 51st century. By this time, the Humans of Earth have expanded to populate three galaxies and associate with several alien races, including the Ood, Tritovores, and other races. It is also around this time that humanity developed rudimentary time travel. Naturally, this technology was used for very self serving reasons by the worst kinds of people. In order to counter this, the Time Agency was formed. Time Agents are given Vortex Manipulators in order to accomplish basic time travel. However, due to the fact humanity had yet to perfect time travel, the manipulators tended to either overshoot or not bring the Agent close enough to their destination. In spite of the faults, the Vortex Manipulator remained the main tool of the Time Agency for the coming century.

Vortex Manipulator

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