Children of Time

The Story So Far
The first half of Season One in a nutshell.

As a small group of companions travel with the Doctor, they encounter many hostile creatures such as Autons, Krillitane, and even Weeping Angels. Oddly enough, there is a strange warp in the space-time continuum wherever the TARDIS Crew goes. Eventually, the crew is separated from the Doctor and the TARDIS and must survive on their own wits alone. The trouble is, time seems to be breaking its own rules. The cause does not always come before the effect and creatures that shouldn’t exist…do. It’s up to John Jones, Tobias Moon, Trent, Bark, [[Grapes, and their new cohort Asa to find out just what is going on and what could have possibly happened to the Doctor. And what’s with that strange voice muttering “Silence shall fall!”?

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The Adventure Begins

((Note: The following has been dramatized for posting. Though much of the following did happen in game play, some dialogue was added to make the following sequences more enjoyable to the reader. This in no way affects the outcome of the players decisions or the consequences thereafter. Please enjoy.))

((Another Note: Yes, I know this is a pre-packaged adventure. I tried to alter it enough to make it my own, but it’s still a lot like the original. Also, if you’re a player in another GM’s game, and you think he may run Arrowdown, I advise you to stop reading this post after the party leaves the TARDIS. I don’t want to ruin the adventure for you.))

John Jones awoke with a start. He was all alone in a dark room. Well, it wasn’t entirely dark. The occasional flash of sparks and electricity saw to that. The floor was cold metal. The wall was of rougher stuff. He could feel a hexagonal shape in the wall… with round glass in the middle. Then it all flooded back to John.

The TARDIS! He was in the TARDIS. That was a relief. Well… kind of. With the flashes of sparks John could see rubble partially filled the little corridor he had been lying in. The rubble was brown and organic looking with cable and metal mixed in. Now that his compound eyes were adjusting, John could see the roundels were flickering dimly. His mandibles tickled the air. The air tasted of smoke. A bad sign. A bad BAD sign.

John slowly stood up, stretching his exoskeleton. His carapace felt a little bruised, but nothing he couldn’t handle. John spotted a dim corridor. Well, it was the only corridor. Just then John felt the floor shift slightly. It was only then John noticed everything seemed off kilter, tilted at an angle a few degrees. That wasn’t good either. John turned to the corridor and set off. It was better than staying there waiter for who knew what to happen.

Bark sat in the open glade, absorbing the sun’s warmth. His rough, bark-like skin soothed in the sun. It had been a long time since he’s been able to relax. Wait… relax from what? Images of an explosion tore through Bark’s mind. His fellow trees, runnning throughout the ship, screaming and yelling! Why was everybody yelling? Then a blue box appeared, a man… a man wearing a suit stretched his arm out to Bark. “Come with me!” the man pleaded. Bark reached for him. But the smoke. Oh gods, the smoke! He could smell the smoke! It burned in his nose like fire. “Bark!” yelled the man. It sounded a little ridiculous. The man sounded like a dog. “Bark! Wake up!”. Why was he yelling such silly things. Bark could still smell the smoke. The man’s eyes suddenly began to grow huge, turn red, and segment into hundreds of smaller eyes. “Bark! Wake! Up!” he yelled. But the smoke-


Bark suddenly sat straight up, rubbing his left cheek. “Owch!” he muttered.

“Sorry,” the figure in front of Bark apologized.

“Gah!” Bark yelled in surprise before realizing the fly creature before him was only the tritovore John Jones. “Can’t you turn on your ”/campaigns/children-of-time/items/perception-filter" class=“wiki-content-link”>Perception Filter or something? You nearly scared me half to death!"

“Sorry,” John muttered again as Bark rose shakily to his feet and took stock of his surroundings.

The pair were in one of the TARDIS’s corridors. The roundels flickered dimly as the occasional spark shot out of a ruptured conduit. But what caught their eyes was the large chasm of black emptiness before them.

Bark picked a hand-sized chuck of debris from a nearby rubble pile, tossed it in to the chasm, and began counting seconds.

“1 … 2 … 3 … 4 … 5 … 6 … 7 … 8 … 9 … 10 …” Bark never did hear it hit bottom.

“Well,” muttered Bark. “That’s a problem.”

The floor shuddered again as the corridor they stood in tilted away from the one across the chasm.

“We need to move,” said Bark. He looked around. He saw a few piles of rubble but nothing suitable to bridge the gap. Then he got an idea.

Bark turned to John. “Fling me.”

If John had eyelids they would’ve widened. “What?!”

“You’re psychic. Fling me across.”

“I don’t think that-”

John was interrupted by the corridor shifting again, this time tilting back haphazardly. The two managed to keep their footing.

“Just do it!” Bark yelled.

Bark suddenly experienced what felt like a giant hand grab him and toss him into the air. For a brief second Bark could see into the endless abyss that was the space between space. What was beyond the walls of a dimensionally-transcendental time machine. Utter blackness.

Bark landed on the other side and tumbled to a halt. He looked up just in time to see the corridor John was standing in brake away and begin drifting off into nothingness.

“John!” Bark exclaimed. John had lost his footing and was sliding toward the back of the corridor.

Bark quickly raised his right arm and his liana, a ropey vine came out from under his sleeve. It fired into the opening of the drifting corridor as it tilted up and away, causing Bark to lose sight of John.

“Grab it!” Bark called.

Bark felt a tug on his liana as John grabbed ahold. The tritovore pulled himself up to the lip of the corridor and leaped to where Bark was standing. They stared at each other for a few seconds before Bark reminded himself to breathe again.

John’s fly-like face held an alien expression that Bark couldn’t decipher until the TARDIS translation circuits nudged his mind to interpret it as discomfort.

“What?” Bark asked.

John pointed to the sleeve Bark’s liana had disappeared back into. “Isn’t it considered… indecent for you to whip that thing out?”

Bark rolled his head in exasperation. “Yes. I’m sorry I had to flash you to save your life!”

Bark grabbed John’s arm and pulled him down the slightly brighter corridor. ‘’Come on. We have to find the Doctor. If anybody can fix this, it’s him.’’

A rending, tearing sound awoke Trent. The first thing Trent realized was he had a terrible headache. The second thing he surmised was it was probably because he was upside down. He was able to deduce this from several things. The first of which was there was a terrible strain being put on his ankle as his foot was wrapped up in some cables which were probably the only things keeping him from falling to the ground. This led to the second piece of evidence to his current predicament: the primary TARDIS console was above (below?) his head, which was very unusual unless the TARDIS was upside down (which only happened upon occasion…. usually on a Wednesday). The third thing was the fact his arms and hair along with his trench coat were deciding to stay stubbornly above (once again, below?) his head. From this Trent surmised that, unless somebody had decided reverse the TARDIS’s internal gravity field (which was entirely possible, but unlikely as Bark became very upset when the gravity shifted sideways… twice) he was upside down.

Oh, yes, there was also the smell of smoke. Nasty.

Trent took the opportunity of his new perspective to see if he could locate anything useful in the console room within reach. However, his head was really pounding and looking at everything while upside down was very confusing.

Then Trent spotted Tobias Moon. Tobias was lying on his back on the console room grating almost directly below Trent. Trent could see Tobias was still breathing, but his cybernetic components seemed to be shut off.

Trent tried to reach up for the cables wrapped around his feet, but it was no use. He never did very well when it came to physical training at the Time Agency. At least…he didn’t think he did. That part was still quite blurry. Tuna.

Trent decided to see if the Doctor kept anything interesting in his pants. This statement might seem quite strange (not to mention creepy) as the Doctor was nowhere in sight. However, the Doctor’s pants’ unique property of having pockets larger on the inside so intrigued Trent the he, on occasion wore them around and stuffed odd quantities of items into the pockets. This was one of those occasions.

Trent reached into the brown pinstriped pocket and pulled out the first thing his fingers brushed. It was a spool of thread. Trent grinned, as this wasn’t any spool of thread. It was a spool of Indestructible Thread™ from the planet Megladon VI or whatever.

Trent tossed the spool into the cables clustered in the ceiling while keeping hold of one end of the thread. The spool wrapped around a cable a couple times before falling to the floor. Trent gave the thread an experimental tug on the thread. It held tight. He pulled himself into an upright positions and began to loosen his foot from the cable.

He chuckled to himself. He could be so clever someti-


The cable holding the thread holding Trent’s weight (all 135 pounds of it) broke loose from the ceiling. Trent’s upper half immediately fell back down, tugging his foot free of the cables. Trent then plummeted toward the console rooms grated floor. And Tobias.


Trent hit the grating hard, causing the the other end to seesaw up improbably and catapult Tobias through the air and into one of the console room’s organic columns. Tobias’s body seemed to stick to the column for a minute before collapsing back onto the console room floor with a squish.

“Crapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrap-” Trent muttered under his breath as he crawled toward Tobias.

The cyborg seemed to be fight despite the impacts. Trent pulled a tool kit from under the console and pulled out an odd alien device. He pointed it toward Tobias’s chest.

“I have no idea what I’m doing,” Tobias muttered under his breath.

“Then don’t touch me,” Tobias replied through gritted teeth, his eyelids fluttering open.

“Hey! You’re okay,” said Tobias, tossing the tools to the side.

Tobias sat up and popped a crik in his neck. “Ah. Deifine ‘okay’. What’d you do? Land a spaceship on me?”

Trent looked up at the column. There was the faintest of imprints where Tobias had made contact. “I think I jump-started your autonomous systems.”

“What?” replied Tobias. Then Tobias looked around.

The console room seemed normal except…

“The lights are red!” exclaimed Tobias, no stranger to the signal. “And do you smell smoke?” Almost instantly a two-foot blade appeared attached to the back of Tobias’s wrist. It appeared so fast you would’ve sworn it had sprouted form his wrist… which it had. Trent eyed the blade, which was somewhat difficult is it nearly disappeared when viewed edge-on.

“I dunno,” said Trent, glancing at the TARDIS’s external doors. “But we have to find the Doctor. He’s the only one who probably knows what’s going on. Come to think of it… I’m really not sure how we got like this.”

But Tobias wasn’t listening to Trent. He was staring intently down a dark hall off the console room.

“What is it?” Trent asked, attempting to access the console’s computer.

“I hear something,” Tobias muttered.

((Note: From this point on, I’m going to cut down on the detail. If I keep writing like this, we’ll never get through the story. So I’m going to simplify things a little bit. Thanks.))


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