They shall pierce the sky with a lance! And then… Then silence shall fall!
-the Nestene Consciousness

Arrowdown is a sleepy village on the coast of England (which coast isn’t clear). It is quite normal except for one thing.

A Dalek crashed here.

It was thought to be a dud bomb from the German Blitz during World War Two. That is, until it was recovered from Arrowdown harbor years later. Instead of a bomb, the remains of a Dalek casing was found, the creature inside long since dead. Luckily, Torchwood was quickly on the scene and the casing was taken away for study before being destroyed. It was believed to have been a casualty of the Last Time War, falling through the cracks of space and time the war had created to war-torn Earth.

The area around the harbor has since been home a large but stable time rift. Two Torchwood operatives were left to watch the slowly dwindling rift in the fabric of the universe. The operatives were a married couple. The lived together in Arrowdown until one, the husband, died in a car crash, leaving his wife, Teresa behind. She built a device in the basement of the local diner to manipulate the time fields, trying to undo what time had wrought. The diner gained strange properties, such as the ability to keep food fresh indefinitely, and rooms manifested where they should never be able to fit. Years passed as the rift, like an old scrape, slowly faded away.

Then the Autons came, along with their life giver, the Nestene Consciousness. After nearly being driven to extinction, the nestene needed a fuel source. They managed to pry opened the rift and enter into Arrowdown, taking over the seaside amusement park and used it as a base to attack the town. Teresa managed to use the rift manipulator in the diner’s basement to trap the Autons and the Nestene from leaving Arrowdown by sealing it off in a temporal loop. Unfortunately, Teresa and the other denizens of Arrowdown were sealed in with them.

The loop, in conjunction with the newly ripped open rift formed their own sort of Bermuda Triangle, pulling in ships and people from past eras. The town itself varied anachronistically from block to block, street to street. Still, Teresa kept her vigil over the town, determined to somehow stop the Nestene and bring back her husband. She would do it alone if she had to.

Luckily, the sound of a TARDIS’s groaning engines could be heard in the sky. A small blue box hurtles, tumbling end over end trailing thick smoke toward the village square. Salvation has arrived in a small wooden box. The question however…will it survive the fall?

The Adventure Begins


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