The TARDIS crew for DWAITAS: The Children of Time consists of the following:

The Doctor: Self-proclaimed last of the Time Lords, pilot of the Police Box TARDIS

Trent: Ex-Time Agent

Tobias Moon: Cybernetic Soldier from the terran-Sycorax war

John Jones: A psychic Tritovore on the lamb

Bark: Diplomat from the Forest of Cheem

Grapes Mk. VII: A medical Arachnobot from the 51st Century

Asa Crowe: A tomboy who just left her travels with John Doe

King Arthur (MkV): A robot who thinks he’s King Arthur and is on a search for the Holy Grail

Dontay: A genetically engineered pet that escaped from the Carrionites. Very friendly.

Cheese: A Time Lord who pilots a TARDIS shaped like an old warehouse crate

Party portrait small

From left to right: Asa Crow, Tobias Moon, Trent, John Jones, Bark, and Grapes


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